Online Talon Staff Members

Makalah McDuffie: 

Last year I took Mass Media, looking forward to be in yearbook the following year. It wasn’t long until I fell in love with news  journalism more than creating a yearbook. I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the print Talon so I compromised with my love for journalism and joined Online Talon. I am very proud of what Online Talon accomplished in only a short year. I personally want Online Talon and print Talon to  succeed and grow more than what they have already done. Hopefully we can become an awesome Talon staff and do the best we have ever done so far this year.

MacKenzie Richards: 

I took Mass Media in my freshman year because I wanted to be on the Talon, but eventually decided that online journalism was more suited to me more than print. I’m really interested in movies and pop culture in general, and those topics are my writing strong points. I hope that the online Talon grows to be a more unique publication this year.

Erin Bowman: 

I am mostly a member of the print talon for my drawings, i am however a member of the online talon too. Having taken many art and writing classes I have wanted to be a part of this for quite some time. My drawings will most likely be the highlight of what I do for the online talon but I am sure there will be some articles somewhere along the way. I hope I can add something new and different to both talons, everything is going to be out of normal procedure.

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