Internet at Home

Technology Services has completed phase 2 of our content filter migration to Securly.  We encourage everyone to restart their laptops while connected to the District's network.  This will update your laptop to change your home filtering from Barracuda to Securly.  When you are at home, you must sign into Securly to surf the Internet.  Your Securly credentials are your Azure credentials that you use to log into Office 365 and your laptops.  Instructions below walk you through each step of the sign in process.


Step 1 – After you have restarted your laptop while connected to the District's network and received the update, you will be presented with the screen below when you open a browser at home.  Click the blue button, labeled "Login with Microsoft Azure AD"

Step 2 – Enter your entire email address in the next screen.  (i.e

Step 3 – Enter your password that you use to log into your laptop.

Step 4 – Securly and your laptop can remember your sign in information.  If you click Yes, you will not have to sign in again at home unless you change your password.  Congratulations, you have completed the process.


Web Printing Now Available in the Library

Students in the middle school and high school now have access to print in school through a printer in the library. Follow the secondary-web-printing-instructions to be able to print successfully in your school library. In order to print, you will need to have your document saved to your computer. Please note that all students will be restricted to print 20 pages per month. If you run into any issues while printing please ask for assistance.