Web Printing Now Available in the Library

Students in the middle school and high school now have access to print in school through a printer in the library. Follow the secondary-web-printing-instructions to be able to print successfully in your school library. In order to print, you will need to have your document saved to your computer. Please note that all students will be restricted to print 20 pages per month. If you run into any issues while printing please ask for assistance.

Installing the Webfilter for FireFox

If you are a Firefox user, CLSD Tech Services requires the installation of the Barracuda SSL Certificate on your 1:1  machine for your browser to work properly.

Because we do SSL inspection through our webfilter, you will need to install this SSL certificate by February 11, 2016, or you may have difficulty viewing secure sites that begin with https://  (This includes google, youtube, most financial/educational institutions that require logins along with many other websites).

The instructions below will get the certificate downloaded and installed on your student 1:1 machine.   IMPORTANT:  If you have not browsed to this page USING FIREFOX AS YOUR BROWSER, please close down your current browser and reopen this site WITH FIREFOX.  If you dont, the instructions below will not work.

1.  Click the link to download the actual certificate for you to install if you are using Firefox—>  CLSD SSL Certificate

2…After you click on it, you will be presented with some options (checkboxes).  Check the first box like in the picture below and click OK.

Firefox Cert


You can now browse normally on our network using Firefox.  If you have any difficulties, visit the HS Carear Ctr during normal school hours.  Thank you!