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  • Fall Sports Preview

    Fall Sports Preview Produced by: Evan Reppert The CCHS Today team hit the sports practices at the end of summer to get a look at what's to be expected for the fall sports season. [cvg-video videoId='2' width='450' height='350' mode='playlist

  • Military Night

    The most powerful moment of the volleyball’s first home game on Sept. 5 happened before the varsity game even started. When sophomore Caitlynn Albright addressed the crowd as part of the team’s second annual “Military Night”, she was essenti

  • Class of 2012 Graduation LIVE STREAM Class of 2012 Graduation LIVE STREAM

    This year the Cedar Crest Media Network will be streaming live the Graduation for the class of 2012, on Wednesday May 30th.   Tell your family that cannot be there they can watch their grandchildren, cousin, nephew or daughter get their Diploma.  T

  • CLICK HERE for Live Prom Stream 2012 CLICK HERE for Live Prom Stream 2012

    To View the Recorded Prom Stream, Click Here If you do not see video, refresh the page. After this event ends, visit this page anytime to see the recorded stream. Please share with friends and family. Thanks to our sponsors - click on their links

  • Hockey Traditions Hockey Traditions

    In 8th grade, it is tradition for the students to participate in the All Day Hockey tournament.  Both boy and girls have the chance to play other gym classes, trying to be the best in the school.  The goal of All Day Hockey is to promote school

  • “AIDA” Earns Several Nominations

    The musical has recieved many award nominations in the Apollo Awards this year - The Cedar Crest's “Aida”, directed by Mr. Rodney Gernert,  was nominated as Outstanding Musical. Katrina Diehm was nominated for Oustanding Supporting Actress, S

  • CC60 Falcon Tap CC60 Falcon Tap

    The Cedar Crest Men's Tennis Team is having another very successful season.  The CC60 staff looks into what is the secret to their success. Produced by:Ryan Neiswender, Evan Reppert _________________________________________________________

  • Sweet 16 Contest

    The Cedar Crest Media Crew descended on Dallas, TX for the Student Television Network Convention from March 20-25, 2012 . The first day they participated in the Sweet 16 Contest, a grueling ordeal in which a team of 10 students had to create a show b

  • AIDA: Behind the Scenes

    Not many people know how much work goes into a musical.  This year's cast and crew of Aida talk about what the show is about, and how much work they put into doing what they love to do. Produced by: Brain Wawrzyniak __________________________

  • Let the Madness Begin?

    NCAA March Madness has begun, and Cedar Crest Media Network wants to play.  Come and play against the entire school, for free.  Play for a $25 Sheetz Gift card, $10 in your lunch account, or $5 in your lunch account.  Be the best in the school.  


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